Weekday Schedule

12:00am  Music
6:00am  Morning Show -- Joe Fahl
7:00am  Morning Show -- Joe and Melinda
10:00am  Inspiring Music -- Melinda Kitzmiller
11:00am  Prayer Time
11:20am  Inspiring Music -- Melinda Kitzmiller
12:00pm  Lunch and Mid-day Music -- Rob Boscamp
3:00pm  Afternoon Drive Home Music -- Carla Estrada
6:00pm  Music
6:30pm  Adventures in Odyssey
7:00pm  The Alternative -- Dr. Anthony Evans
7:30pm  Focus on the Family
8:00pm  Insight For Living -- Dr. Charles Swindoll
8:30pm  Music

Fridays @ 9:00pm is "Rock Seven" with Craig & Deborah

Saturday Schedule

7:00am  Saturday Morning Music -- Joe Fahl
9:00am  Saturday Morning Music -- Rob Boscamp
12:00pm  Music
3:00pm  Saturday afternoon -- Mike Stackhouse
6:00pm  Weekend Top 20 Countdown
8:00pm  Music

Sunday Schedule

12:00am  Music
11:00am  Ground Work -- Dave Bass
10:30am  Music
12:00pm  Music -- Melinda Kitzmiller
3:00pm  Music -- Mike Stackhouse
7:00pm  Let My People Think -- Ravi Zacharias
7:30pm  Music