Jay Crook

I became the KBNJ webmaster somewhat accidentally. In 1996 I started listening to KBNJ and looked up their webpage (singular). It was a very simple text page. I emailed Joe with some suggestions and he, thinking I was his webmaster, gave me the OK. I went ahead and sent some graphics to the previous webmaster and he added them to the site then sent Joe a bill. Little did I know there was a charge for every upload. Anyway, Joe eventually dropped him and asked me to help. I have been doing the site ever since.

I grew up in northern Texas and went to college at Abilene Christian University. There I earned a BA in Art and a BS in Computer Science. I met my wife Becky there and we eventually settled in Ohio, where I worked for NCR as a programmer. We were given the opportunity to move and we chose Corpus Christi.

We have three kids and enjoy homeschooling them. It gives us the opportunity to travel anytime (field trips). We are members at Weber Road Church of Christ and welcome you to come visit us there sometime.

I am a big fan of ApologetiX and have even taken to writing my own parodies. Keep an ear out for the new Christian parody band, Petrafried. You will hear about it first on KBNJ.