Melinda Kitzmiller

Working at KBNJ is incredible! I love working where I can hear all my favorite Christian music. I feel blessed to be a part of this incredible ministry that spreads hope, encouragement, and God's word through music in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas.

In addition to my work here with Joe Fahl in the mornings, I also work at Padre Island Baptist Church. I've been a Ministry Assistant at PIBC for 14 years now ... Wow! That is totally unbelievable to me! But while working at PIBC, the Lord has allowed me to stay connected with the media side of Worship by allowing me the opportunity to serve as a "sound tech" for the PIBC Worship Band.

I worked in secular radio in the Corpus Christi market some time back. (I did not know the Lord back then). And now, the Lord has allowed me to re-enter broadcasting by working at KBNJ. I feel my life has come full circle ... I'm now a Morning DJ serving our Lord through the ministry of KBNJ!

A favorite Scripture Verse for a busy gal? Why that's Psalm 46:10 ... "Be still, and know that I am God". Thanks for listening!

Love in Christ, Mel :)